Ali Raza Randhawa, Founder @ PAK-Energy Solution

Hi! My name is Ali Raza Randhawa. An Engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. I’m the founder and CEO of PAK-Energy Solution. A company which aims to target the villagers and farmers at the bottom of pyramid living in the rural areas of Pakistan. We are doing efforts to turn farm waste into gas and fertilizer with portable and domestic natural gas digester. Gas can be utilized for cooking heating and lighting whereas fertilizer is organic and opens additional income opportunities for villagers who can sell it to local farmers.

No doubt! it is like turning cow manure (I mean holy Bull-Shit) into gold! ( lol )

Huh! I am frightened and I am excited. Frightened because my father (He is my mentor, advisor, silent co-founder;  who silently funded my project while saying, all the best my son; such a generous and kind man; and above than that, I love him a lot which I can’t explain in words. Who always supported me and tried his best to complete my childish wishes with his limited pocket) is going through intensive medical treatment of cancer from last 4 months whereas doctors are not hopeful about his cure but I’m hopeful in his cure because I believe “Truly God is powerful over everything.”  It took me 1 month to decide, should I visit US or not! Consulted my mom, dad, grand father, brother, Uncles, Doctors etc and finally decided a “Yes”. I’m a tough Guy! Be brave!

So packed my bag! Was having flights Lahore-Abu Dhabi-London-San Fransisco. O my! Plane get delayed at London by 3-4 hours! Was so tired! Traveled about 34 hours! Tasted delicious foods in all flights! Reached at the Hotel at 11:00 pm, (I think)! Checked in! The guy at the reception guided me to my room! Map was confusing! Seems like, I need to walk for 1 km to reach my room! OMG it took me just one minute to reach my room! Met a nice guy from Senegal in my room and learned about his start up! Tried to check emails but my eyes were yelling (Shut me down! You *****! Need to have a sleep) So followed the boss! (I mean eyes)!

Just learned that Perihan is facing flight issues! Have a safe journey Peri! (Prayers)

But just after 4-5 hours of sleep, I just woke up suddenly when I saw the Moustapha already prepared for breakfast! I jumped from bed and prepared in Hurry! Reached the lobby and met the GIST Transformers and wonderful friends from previous events! Ovi, Jeff, Khoo, Ziad! Loved meeting them once again! Reached the Orrick! Weather is touching my heart beats! Yuri was at the entrance! Greeted us so nicely!

So here in Silicon Valley, once again having wonderful learning from successful entrepreneurs and their experiences! Life always surprised me! Quite sure that this trip is gonna open more ways for me or my start up!

Ali Raza Randhawa

Founder/Executive @ PAK-Energy Solution




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